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Sky Freebies


Free Samples Platform


It is home to premium freebies such as perfume samples, cosmetics, pet food, magazines and more. It is also a marketing platform. A campaign tool for brands and place to test products for customers.

Currently, the Czech app aspires to be the most powerful app for free stuff in the country. Apps for USA, Germany, France, Poland and Slovakia are still in development.





Digital Agency

  • Get your own app on Google Play, App Store or Microsoft Store!
  • Run Facebook Ads and get an audience
  • Monitor the status of systems, availability of services and all applications live
  • Mirror your website to a decentralized blockchain

We design, create and manage modern websites and mobile apps.

We are the whole package and do so much more. Can we help you too? Contact us now!

British 24


Music Promo Channel


Rare remixes, full or extended versions of hand-picked masterpieces. Underrated, forgotten tracks unofficially re-released in a fresh new design or a 1-hour loops for you.

All tracks are selected by a UK-European A&R team that includes current or former DJs, UK’s metropolitan nightlife taxi drivers or musically mature middle-aged kids. Submit your demo now!

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Handshake Conference 2024 Winner

Elusive Experience


Ambient Videos


Ambient walks, virtual tours and videos from your point of you.

Immersive ambient videos from your point of view recorded binaurally. Walking videos of nature or city nightlife using binaural recording technique for truly 3D sound in high-quality 4K UHD HDR video format.

Get the elusive experience of actually being there. No further moderation, no personal opinions or intrusive comments.

Let yourself be drawn in!

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Easy HNS


Decentralized DNS Provider


App to monitor global DNS status of the Handshake nodes.

Easy HNS is an upstream DNS provider in England and is part of the HNS DoH group together ensuring the reliability of global connectivity to blockchain-based decentralized domains.

A lightweight app (1 MB) that monitors real-time availability and alerts you with a push notification in the event of an outage. It also includes quick setup instructions that you always have at hand.

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In Development

Status App


Monitor Everything